Philipp Geyer

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My CV has a list of my previous experiences on it, but given the limited space, only very little can be said about them. So I decided that I needed to showcase the work I did on them here.


As of 2022 I work as a programmer for Egosoft, working on the X series of games.


Just before the pandemic hit in 2020, I joined Coventry University Enterprises, to work on 'non-game games', using games technologies for enterprise. Mostly worked in Unreal engine, but with some standalone C++, Unity, and working with AWS cloud survices.

  • On Demand rendering
  • Layered rendering
  • AR sales application
  • VR training simulation
  • Distributed photorealistic rendering


In 2019, I joined a Rugby based studio to take over the lead programmer role.

Hugo Games / 5th Planet Games

After leaving Pixel Toys, I joined a Nottingham based studio as a lead programmer, to open a satellite studio in Leamington Spa from 2018 to 2019.

Pixel Toys

I spent a few months in 2017 helping out with some development at Pixel Toys.

Viewpoint Games

After leaving FreeStyle in 2016, I joined a VR studio, started by former colleagues until 2017.

FreeStyle Games

My first job after moving to 'Silicon Spa' in 2013 until 2016.


I did a little contract work, working on a few Disney licensed titles, for a few months in 2013

Ideaworks Game Studio / Marmalade Game Studio