Philipp Geyer

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Jumanji: The Video Game

Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

One of my first tasks, and an ongoing one, was to provide support for the game to run on Nintendo Switch. Prior to this it had only been tested on PC, and on Sony PS4. As such, it took a good deal of optimisation to run at anything resembling a reasonable framerate. This involved playing around with the Unreal profiling tools, as well as writing some profiling systems myself, and liaising with, usually artists, to get compromises working which would be acceptable as a final product.

I didn't find myself doing too much feature work on Jumanji, unfortunately, as a lot of my time was spent managing the team, liaising with art and design to make sure they got what they wanted, when they needed it, and what little time I did get was mostly spent optimising performance and bug fixing.

This project was a first for me in many ways, including the first time I used Unreal's Blueprints properly, and the first time that I was involved with the submission of a console game to first parties.

Photo by Milo Miloezger