Philipp Geyer

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Ghosts in the Toybox

Photo by Susan Holt Simpson on Unsplash

This game initially started out as a gamejam idea, where we attempted to find interesting mechanics we could do with Mobile VR, with the intention of making a game for Google Daydream, GearVR, or later port it to other platforms. We decided that the most interesting use for the motion controller was frisbee golf. After that time, I spent a little time playing with different courses, trying to find something fun, but we established that there were two main issue, the first being that the motion controllers for mobile VR were not accurate enough to be able to get repeatable shots, but also that you have to throw one frisbee, then wait to see where it lands, it was not as interesting after playing for a short while, we wanted something slightly more fast paced.

The game was then, instead, changed to a wave shooter, in a slightly cutesy style. I worked on some smoke and mirrors with the throwing that would allow you to have repeatable shots which, while not as realistic, given the much more aggressive pace, it was a far more enjoyable experience.

As the development team for this game was very small, I handled a lot of the codebase myself. One of the biggest problems I attacked was that we wanted to have a single seemless world. For this I created a streaming and culling system that would allow us to aggressively unload the level as we moved through it, and load the next sections just in time.

Enemy Ghosts knitted by PixelKnitting on Etsy