Philipp Geyer

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Doodle Jump: Space Chase

Photo by Benjamin Suter from Pexels

This project was already well in development by the time I joined the studio. One of my initial tasks was to do a review of the codebase and suggest improvements.

The immediate issue was performance, there were several systems in the game which caused significant issues in both editor and runtime performance. This involved getting quite deep into the Unity profiling tools and picking apart the codebase to identify the issue, before proposing solutions to solve the problems, liasing with the team to establish potential issues with it, and implementing the new redesigns.

One other issue established early on was that the game was not being coded defensively, and was throwing errors very frequently. Unity helpfully tries to ignore these and continue executing. This was causing some odd bugs, so I implemented a similar BSoD that I created for the Guitar Hero Live Companion App, which initially got some pushback from the rest of the team, but was quickly accepted as being a useful tool to remain enabled.

Photo by Adam Jícha on Unsplash