Philipp Geyer

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Guitar Hero: Live - Companion App

Photo by Thibault Trillet from Pexels

This project spanned the entirety of my time at FreeStyleGames as it went through a number of iterations before we settled on the final implementation. The premise was that it would be a companion app which would supplement the gameplay of the main game. It had planned features such as touch guitar and drum gameplay, an program guide for GHTV, scheduling alarms, which could be shared with friends to play alongside them. We also experimented with using the device's microphone to be able to sing the vocals of any tracks. Due to a number of reasons unrelated to the development, the only feature that ever shipped was the microphone.

The app was predominantly written in Unity, but we did leverage several libraries and systems from the main game, to save rewriting them from C++ into C#. As such I had a number of tasks which were related to creating the interface between the systems, and ensure that they were working correctly. I was handled the markup parsing, and gameplay features of the touch modes, as well as the majority of the UI.

Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash