Philipp Geyer

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Hello internet travelers, citizens and natives.

Nice to meet you, I'm Philipp Geyer. I am a programmer and this is my site. It will have information about my various projects and history. I've worked on a bunch that I find very interesting, and think it's worth documenting. I also have a few personal projects that I think should have something written.

I usually code in high level C++ and C# professionally, and in my personal projects, I often use low level C, but also enjoy jumping around languages. I have projects in lisp, assembly, C, lua and bash. I also enjoy experimenting with other languages, so have many more not shared just for the sake of experimenting with the languages.

If you're wanting to look at my past experience, my CV is available on github and I have a short writeup on each project I've worked on.

If you're looking for things I have done in personal projects, please feel free to check out my other site which should have a wide array of tinkering on it.